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We don’t serve many different kinds of food at Ramen Roll, but what we do make, we try to perfect. Our ramen, hand rolls, and gelato are all house-made with the greatest attention to detail. We use the finest traditional ingredients combined with a modern sensibility to deliver the maximum flavor and quality for your money. Our food is clean and healthy, offering awesome flavor without resorting to heavy fats, excessive salt, or added MSG. 


About our Ramen

Noodles were invented in Asia approximately 4000 years ago and noodle soups are probably nearly as old. In ramen, this ancient tradition has married with the Japanese penchant for perfection. A zen proverb states “preparing food is not just about yourself and others. It is about everything!” — and so in recent decades the Japanese have transformed a simple noodle soup into a masterpiece of comfort and flavor.

Ramen Roll offers two master broths, conceived by our own zen master, the incomparable Chef Yama. For those that seek a hearty balance of nutrition and flavor, we offer the Signature Ramen, a secret medley of all four elements: 

earth = organic vegetables
air = Jidori chicken
water = secret bonito & kelp dashi
fire = seething multi-day boil

The Signature Ramen comes in several baseline flavors, but regardless of which you choose, it offers a rich, delicious blend of of umami flavors designed to coat the wheaty goodness of our artisanal noodles. We offer an escalating scale of powerful toppings. Enjoy the purity of the baseline, or Amp it up for even more intensity.

Our Vegan Ramen is a different bowl entirely. A slap in the face to those who say plant based food is bland. An array of vegetables combine into a powerful punch of pure umami flavor that pairs perfectly with our special vegan, gluten free noodles. 


About our Hand rolls

Our hand rolls, like everything at Ramen Roll, serve balance and harmony: the crispness of the nori shell, the warm tangy rice, the fresh cool fish, and the crunch of the vegetables. None of this would work without the finest ingredients and a clear vision of flavor. Master Chef Yama demands only the best and knows what combinations will work even before he tastes them. He has concocted unique pairings that build on each to make each roll a singular culinary experience — a bite of heaven.

The best way to experience Ramen Rolls is to accept the wisdom of the master and order a flight of rolls — or even better — a ramen and accompanying flight. Each flavor might surprise you, leaping out from that innocuous dark roll to become your latest favorite.


About our Gelato & Sorbetto

Gelato might not be Japanese, but it adheres to the same philosophy of ingredient quality, flavor purity, and careful craftsmanship as our Ramen and Hand Rolls. Gelatician and co-founder Andy Gavin spent months in Italy — eating gelato several times daily — and failing to find anything comparable here, decided to make it himself.

Basically, gelato is Italian ice cream, and sorbetto is its dairy free cousin. While gelato is made mostly from milk, sorbetto is mostly frozen fruit and sugar. Both are naturally emulsified to bind the flavor ingredients, frozen with less air and fat than ice cream, and stored and served at a warmer temperature. They deliver a softer, more intense mouthfeel, and a blazingly direct transfer of flavor.

Ramen Roll Gelato is made artisanally from very few ingredients — each the finest of their type: organic whole milk from local dairies, superb fruits & nuts, and the finest chocolates. We strive to offer inventive combinations that coat the tongue with flavor, leaving you wanting more! Each day we offer a small selection of our vast array of flavors. You never know what you might get, but all are delicious.


About our Beverage Program

At Ramen Roll we believe beverages should pair with food and taste like they come from somewhere. Our crafted selection of soft drinks, beer, wine, and sake reflect this philosophy. Sourced mostly from Europe and Japan our mostly artisanal productions represent different categories and styles. Each is unique and each works well with our cuisine.

For soft drinks, we offer high grade filtered water, unique bottles, many from Japan, and house-made Minted Yuzu Lemonade and Matcha Ice Tea.

Our beers, both on tap and by the bottle, are mostly from Japan, many in the fresh lager style so beloved by that island nation.

We are especially proud of our diverse and unique sake list. Japan’s native rice wine is a perfect pairing for Ramen Roll food and we provide a variety of exquisite styles selected from some of Japan’s oldest and greatest traditional breweries. We offer these both by the glass and in a number of convenient bottle sizes.

When you think of drinking with Japanese Food, wine is not the first thing that comes to mind, but we invite you to try our wide range of compatible cuvées. Our short but varied list each represents a different style of dry wine making, mostly selected from small European producers. There is something for everyone, sparkling white, rosé still and sparkling, dry and off dry whites and even a couple of compatible reds.


About the Space

Our airy corner is located at the west side of Culver City’s thriving downtown, just across from City Hall and the Kirk Douglas Theater. The lively space was designed by award wining designers Studio Unltd. Our playful logos and Ramen Roll motifs were created by designer Jessica Booth.

But particularly striking are the two hand painted murals by local artist John Park. His works are an attempt to reconcile classical influences with the more urban aesthetic of the New Contemporary art movement and marry perfectly with Ramen Roll’s culinary blend of traditional and new.



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Our Team



Adam Fleischman is a self-taught food innovator and entrepreneur. He is widely regarded as an influential tastemaker and culinary personality (including appearances on Iron Chef). In 2009, he founded Umami Burger (and soon afterward, the Umami Restaurant Group), and co-founded 800 Degrees Pizza, also multi-unit innovative concepts. Now, he is putting his tastemaker abilities to use as co-founder and managing director of AdVantage Restaurant Partners, creating and sourcing the next wave of culinary brands. Fleischman was featured on Fast Company’s list of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” and National Restaurant News’ “Power List: The 50 most powerful people in foodservice.”



Andy Gavin is an unstoppable entrepreneur who studied for his Ph.D. at M.I.T. and founded video game developer Naughty Dog, Inc. at the age of fifteen, serving as co-president for two decades. There he created, produced, and directed over a dozen video games, including the award winning and best-selling Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter franchises, selling over 40 million units worldwide. He founded several other tech companies, wrote and published two novels, and blogs obsessively, mostly about his great passion for food and wine. Andy is also a trained sommelier, sleeps very little, reads novels and histories, and eats up a storm the world over.

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A native of Tokyo, Chef Kiyoshiro Yamamoto has been slicing up the Los Angeles sushi scene for years. After training at Yuu and Mitsuki, he spent long stints at Taiko El Segundo and the Hump. At this glamourous airport location Yama’s delectable omakase preparations laid the groundwork for his unique style of traditional Japanese dishes slashed with contemporary verve. In 2011, Yama debuted his ultra-exclusive modern kaiseki restaurant, Yamakase, which garners customer and critical praise alike. The incomparable 20+ course omakase-only experience earned the #2 spot on Eater’s “Hottest Sushi Restaurants in America” list and the coveted #1 place on Tabelog’s “11 Best Sushi Restaurants in America!” His dishes combine superbly sourced ingredients, impeccable knife-work, and the subtle elegance of Japan’s Zen influenced cuisine -- punctured with western influences and striking but harmonious flavors.